Happy birthday Markiiiii!!! Sorry sa drink and run! Libre kita ng… Kiss next week! 💋

Agot Isidro’s so pretty! Watch #rabbitholeph :)

Ophthang Ina

I have been having a hard time with my subject, Ophtha. It sucks so bad that I need to blog about it. It actually takes a lot of hours from my weekend but no matter how long I freaking study it, I fail. What’s worse is we only have 10 quizzes and we are already on our fourth one. 😔

I can whine all I want (and I have been) but the ONLY thing I can do is try harder. Things aren’t going to adjust for me. They won’t get easier.

Try. Try. Try.

Adapt. Adapt. Adapt.

Ang saraaaaaap!!! 👌thank you @cookieconceptsph :)

Dahil wala tayo ni isang picture! Happy birthday @mayleensheath! I love you ❤️


Happy second anniv, love!!! I love you so much! 💋 Thank you, Metrodeal for our big, big savings on our date tonight. Hahahaha!


I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.

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